Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee for BioProcessing Asia 2020 has been formed to ensure that the Conference maintains the highest standards of science and technology as well as the relevance of the Sessions to the bioprocessing issues of 2020.

This international and specialist group of senior academicians and industrialists advises the Organizing Committee on new trends and recent advances in the field, session topics, key presenters and forms the core team of session chairs. A copy of the Scientific Advisory Committee is available here: BPA 2020 SAC February 2020.pdf

Yuki Abe, Director of Bioprocess Economic Modeling & Design, Biopharm Services, Chesham, UK

Expertise: Whole bioprocess design and bioprocess economics (antibodies, gene therapy, vaccines), process simulation, supply chain, knowledge management, business development

Dorothee Ambrosius, Former Head of CMC Strategy Biologicals, Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach, Germany
Expertise: Bioprocess development (drug substance and drug product), NBEs and biosimilars development, CMC and comparability concepts, QbD tools

Arindam Bose, Former Vice-President, Biotherapeutics External Affairs & Biosimilars Strategy, Pfizer, Independent Biotechnology & Bioprocessing Consultant, AbiologicsB, LLC, Stonington, USA

Expertise: Bioprocess development, biosimilars, manufacturing strategy, external sourcing, corporate biotech strategy

Charles Cooney, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

Expertise: Integrated bioprocessing, upstream and downstream technologies,  bioprocess simulation

Suzanne Farid, Professor, Co-Director of the Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub, University College London, London, UK
Expertise: Decisional tools, bioprocess economics, drug development cost modelling, capacity planning , portfolio management, risk analysis, multi-criteria decision-making, multi-objective simulation & optimisation, multivariate data analysis

Aaron Goerke, Director, Head of Manufacturing Sciences and Technology, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Singapore

Expertise: Vaccines, biologics, process development, manufacturing, CMOs, health authorities, process capability, process monitoring, quality systems, technology transfers, cell-free protein synthesis, data and knowledge management, data analytics, change management

Wei (Heidi) Gong, Senior Director of Bridge Manufacturing, Shanghai Henlius Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
Expertise: Antibody downstream process development, technology transfer, pilot production, process characterization and process validation. Continuous downstream process development

Uwe Gottschalk, Chief Scientific Officer, Lonza, Switzerland
Expertise: Process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products such as monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant proteins. Downstream processing, industrial biotechnology and somatic gene therapy

Stefan Hepbildikler, Director, Technology Pharma Bioprocess Development, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Munich, Germany
Expertise: Innovation, bioprocess intensification, connected & continuous processing, smart process development, real-time process monitoring, vendor collaboration, purification development, high throughput experimentation, technology evaluation, viral clearance

Günter Jagschies, Principal Consultant at Gemini BioProcessing, formerly at GE Healthcare, Vörstetten, Germany
Conference co-chair and leader of the Scientific Advisory Committee for BPA 2020
Expertise: Manufacturing strategy, process integration, process economics, downstream processing, global healthcare priorities

Ashok Kumar, President, Center for Research & Development, IPCA, Mumbai, India
Expertise: Innovative research and development of biosimilars

Kong-Peng Lam, Professor & Executive Director, Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR; Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Expertise: Antibodies, Biologics, Immunotherapy, T cells

Linda Hwee-Lin Lua, Professor & Protein Expression Facility Director, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Expertise: Protein production technologies, vaccine engineering and bioprocessing, virus-like particle technology

Mats Lundgren, Customer Applications Director, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
Expertise: Viral vector and vaccine process development including upstream, downstream and analytics, general upstream and cell line development, manufacturing

Ekta Mahajan, Program Director, Pharma Technical Regulatory, Genentech, a Member of the Roche Group, South San Francisco, USA
Expertise: Regulatory, Innovation and technology evaluation, single use technology, continuous processing, equipment design, bioprocessing, technology transfer, validation, vendor collaboration

Hari Pujar, Chief Technology Officer, Spark Therapeutics, Inc., Philadelphia, USA
Expertise: Product and technology development, manufacturing, commercial activities, and corporate strategy.  Modalities including vaccines, biologics, Mabs, small molecules, mRNA and gene therapy.  Global experience including NA and SA, Europe, and Asia

Anurag Rathore, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

Expertise: Bioprocessing, bioseparations, scale-up, technology transfer, process validation, QbD, PAT, biosimilars

Arne Staby, Senior Principal Scientist, Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen, Denmark

Expertise: Manufacturing strategy, downstream processing, IPR, life-cycle management, mathematical modeling

Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dean of Engineering and Professor of Biochemical  Engineering, University College London, London, UK

Expertise: Advanced biochemical engineering, downstream processing technology, scale down modeling

Johnson Varghese, Executive Director, Head of Analytical Development Biologics, Celgene, Summit, USA
Expertise: Analytical research and development, CMC, analytical control strategy development

James Weidner, Executive Director, Process Development, Amgen, Singapore
Expertise: Process development, manufacturing, engineering and automation in commercial facilities

Rolf Werner, Professor of Industrial Biotechnology, University of Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany

Expertise: Viral clearance validation, viral therapeutics, novel affinity resins and membranes, SU equipment facility design, Mab processes, biosimilars processes and biosimilarity

Min Zhu, Director, Protein Science, Boehringer Ingelheim, Fremont, USA
Expertise: Biopharmaceutical process development, process characterization, manufacturing in the single use facility, CMC strategy for regulatory submission, and next generation continuous manufacturing platform development