Submit an abstract

Abstract submission is open

Closing date for submission is 22 June 2020

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations must be submitted through the website. If you have not previously entered a profile on the BPA website please go to Sign Up and create one. You can then proceed to My Abstracts under My BPA. Simply follow the instructions on the Abstract page.

Please note that abstracts for poster presentation should be of a high scientific standard, data rich and will be made available to the Session Chairs for review. If you wish to contact a session chair send an email to where your message will be forwarded appropriately. The Scientific Advisory Committee and the Session Chairs are responsible for recommending abstracts for poster presentation. The final choice, ensuring a balanced programme will be made by the Organizing Committee. You will be notified of the acceptance status shortly after your submission.

The Poster Session at BPA 2020 is a central interactive feature allowing participants to discuss detailed results with the poster presenters and other colleagues. Posters will be displayed in the main conference hall.

A Best Poster Award will be presented to the authors at the close of the conference. Selection will be made based on the novelty of the work presented, the quality of presentation, clarity of the presenter, and alignment with the theme of BPA 2020. Presenters of a poster will be expected to be present at their posters at the specified poster viewing time in order to discuss the content of their poster(s). Presenters may hand out any leaflets or other information or material that they have available for viewers on the topic of their poster.

To submit an abstract, you need to be logged in, then select 'My Abstracts' under 'My BPA' in the menu.