Organizing Committee

BioProcessing Asia 2020 is organized by:

John Curling, BPA Founder and Chair
John Curling Consulting AB, Uppsala, Sweden

Günter Jagschies, Co-chair, Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee
Gemini BioProcessing, Vörstetten, Germany

Mats Gruvegård, Co-chair
GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

About the Organizers

John Curling is an advisor to the bioseparations, biopharmaceutical and plasma product industries and a previous Member of the Board of the Recovery of Biological Products Conference Series. Before becoming a consultant he was President of the Process Separation Division of Pharmacia, now GE Healthcare Life Sciences and has worked as an Advisor to the WHO SE Asia Region. John is a co-editor/author of “Production of Plasma Proteins for Therapeutic Use” published by Wiley in 2013.

Günter Jagschies now retired from GE Healthcare, is the Principal Consultant at newly founded Gemini BioProcessing and a Member of the Board of the Recovery of Biological Products Conference Series. His current areas of scientific and business focus are integration of bioprocessing from cells to drug substance, process economy for biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, and process development for downstream processing. He is the main Editor of the new Handbook “Biopharmaceutical Processing” published by Elsevier in December 2017.

Mats Gruvegård is the Downstream Marketing Manager for the BioProcess Division at GE Healthcare Life Sciences. He has more than 20 years experience of bioprocess chromatography and has worked in different roles at GE Healthcare since 1995. Mats has been a member of the Organizing Committee of the Plasma Product Biotechnology Meetings since 2003 and the High-Throughput Process Development Conference Series since 2014.